450 big bore stroker info/help

ok all. my above mentioned 03 that blew up needs some new guts while i am at this level i am thinking of building it big and bad. i am looking at a hot rods +3 mm stroker crank, wiseco 13.1 piston, athena 490 big bore kit, port and polished kibblewhite head with a hot cams stage 2 cam. and fluidyne aftermarket radiators. has anyone built a stroker or big bore before? what are some reccomendations that anybody can make? I have to wait till this summer when i can buy it all on one paycheck but i need some advice on what i should stay away from look for and what not. I wont be racing it so im not worried about that. it will mostly be a dunes, pasture and trails bike. i have already heard about the overheating issues till im sick of it but i want some other advice.. thanks

if its jetted correctly, overheating shouldnt be an issue(unless your sitting there idleing) id go stage 3 for the stoker, and big bore. sounds like a F*$@EN beast is about to be concieved. let us know how it all goes when its done. 13:1 prob have to run race gas, or a higher then 91 pump, i dont know if you have 93 there or not. you mite have to do some case work for the stroker crank,but im not sure. if anything, keep the stroke stock, but still put a new crank in with the big bore, and stage 3 cam w port and polish. itll be a bottom end badass!!

hahah yep in about two months it will come into existence :ride: and gotta have the stroker stoker crank man. gunna do it right from the ground up. haha race fuel huh? would 120 octane suit? courtesy of my local drag strip i can get any kind i want pretty much

wellp..............if thats not an issue, i would seriously go with vp u4.2 oxygenated, i believe its like 105 or 110 motor octane. youll have to jet a bit richer on the main only, but its worth the extra hp. i run it in my 06X with hotrods setup(not stroker) wiseco high compression. full port polish combustion chamber mod, 02 R cam. it likes it alot.............

ohh ya, did i mention the bike loves that shit??!!

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