Has anyone else had their 400 or 426 gas tanks crack???

My 400 cracked after 2 yrs but my '00 426 cracked after 6 mos.

The cracks are at the rear of the tank below the seam and are caused by the tank flexing under pressure from the seat when you get up on the tank in corners. Yamaha is covering my tank under warranty but I don't know if I'm getting an upgraded tank or just another one that may crack.

I also have had two cracked tanks, and your theory is exactly correct in my opinion. It seems the '98 tanks were thicker, so you could request one of those.

Fpilot: You aren't alone. Others have posted about this problem. I have a 2000 YZ426 and haven't had that failure.....yet. I wonder if I can add some support under the tank in the area that flexes? Think I'll check it out real soon.

My tank cracked after ? 3 or 4 months , the shop said I was out of warrenty but they replaced it anyway "NO CHARGE" plus it came with new graphics



PS I got the same tank , they said if it cracks, bring it back they would replace it also.


did they update the tank for 2001' or is it stil the same! On my 97' XR400 I had an aloop tank that constantly was rubbing a hole through the tank so i put 1/2" thick duct tape under the seat and it solved my problem (it also had less seat wobble and rode higher with the duct tape) maybe this will work on the YZ!



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

Thanks, glad I found this board, you guys are alot of help. I'll post some personal setup tips I use and am going to try the bigger pilot jet. Hope my clutch basket and hub holds up!

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