09 DRZ400S - Warp9 Supermoto with a different setup

Hi Eddie & All Intake/Jet enthusiasts -

i've got an 09 'S' with a Warp9 conversion, 14/44 gearing (will be returning to 15/44). other than some cosmetic things, the bike is stock - including stock jets (i'm sorry, i don't know what stock jet settings are on the '09)

I'm setting it up with an FMF Powerbomb header, Two Brothers M-7 Pipe, and intending to do the 3x3 mod with a stock carb and stock air filter for now...

I'm at Sea Level in Hawaii (oahu), 80 degrees avg every day, 90/10 street-hooligan/dirt.

I'm going for either the FMF jetting kit or the JD kit; i know there are too many options (DynoJet, Moose..), i'm assuming the JD comes with the largest variety of jetting options?

can someone chime in on jet/needle settings? I'm carb challenged (but can do just about anything else..)

Thanks in advance!

oh, btw the dynojet 1/2 kit is locally available (a big deal because shipping is $$ and usually slow)... the kit has:

1 Main Jet DJ132

1 Main Jet DJ136

1 Main Jet DJ140

1 Main Jet DJ146

1 Main Jet DJ150

1 Main Jet DJ155

1 Main Jet DJ160

1 Fuel Needle DNO369

1 E-clip DE0001

1 Adjusting Washer DW0001

1 Slide Spring DSP026

1 Needle Spring DSP77

1 Plug Drill DD 5/32

1 Screw DS0001

and how realistic does DJ's claim sound?

"Stage 2"

For mildly tuned machines with then top of the airbox

opened up 3in X 3in, with stock or K&Nfilter. Should

also be used with a good aftermarket exhaust system.


Get the James Dean kit.

FYI, all those other 'brands' are just repackaged dynojet ones.

yup... the JD kit. I had it in my CV carb, and it ran great. JD has some non-factory needles, that solve the CV carb's issues.

Get the James Dean kit.

FYI, all those other 'brands' are just repackaged dynojet ones.

Thanks Will - that's the advice i keep seeing around the boards, but very little to backup why the JD is any better... however... (see below)

[...] JD has some non-factory needles, that solve the CV carb's issues.

...this is some info i did not know about the JD and how it differs from other kits.

i dont really care who packages what kit under what name, the end result is numerical. a 150 jet is always a 150. but if the needle included is different, then we have a winner...

i'm still trying to figure my jetting with a two bros + Powerbomb FMF header + 3x3... i'll report findings soon..

thanks all!

So far, it looks like the only things i'm finding are pointing me towards a 155 main jet at sea level, clip on 2n'd grove/last grove of the needle. with a constant 70-80 degrees, i'm guessing i should be fine with this jet?

with what kit?

with what kit?

glad you found me Eddie!

After all the looking, i think that's the setting for the Dj kit - but again, the reason i was looking at the Dj is local availability... if you could guide me to the Two Bros.+FMF Powerbomb Header + 3x3 @ Sea Level/~80deg settings with a JD, i won't hesitate to order if that's the only way to go

Thanks all!

either kit will work fine.

jd kit-

160 main jet

jd blue needle

clip 4

25 pilot jet with the stock fuel screw or

22.5 pilot jet with the extended screw

2.75 turns

You're the man Eddie! Thanks - I'll post updates after all the parts arrive and It's up and running

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