1993 dr 250 leaking oil out of cam top

hi i have just purchest a 1993 dr 250 it ran grate but when i got it home i topt up the oil to the min mark started the bike and oil started to piss out of 2 bolts on top of the cam it has not got a cam gaskit but gaskit gue do i need a new gaskit or seals?? plese help

You know a DR250 is a suzuki right? You have put too much oil into the frame. The oil level procedure is as follows when changing the oil & filter.

1.Drain the oil and remove the used filter. 2.Install the new filter and the oil drain bolt. 3.Add the oil capacity listed in the manuel (I think it says ~ 1700cc). 4.Then start the bike and warm it up. 5.Then let the engine idle for one minute. 6.While holding the bike level (not on the side stand) stop the engine. 7.Hold the bike level for one minute with the engine not running.

8.Check the oil level on the dipstick after 1 minute. Adjust the oil level if necessary and repeat the process from step 4 through 8.

hi yes i know a dr250 is a suzuki i had truble satating a new thread

when i got the bike home i checkd the oil and it wasent even tuching the dipstick so i topt it up to the min mark

started the bike the oil pisst out 2 of the cam bolts i ckeckd the oil level and it wasent tuching the dipstick and i couldent even see any when i looked down the hole with a touch

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