saving bent levers

found this tip on google.. could be useful

SAVING BENT LEVERS. Drop your bike in a slow turn and two things normally happen: you punch a hole in the end of your grip and you bend a clutch or brake lever out of shape. If you have a Magura lever, which is highly malleable, it's just a simple matter of bending it back into shape any way you can. But if you ride a bike with brittle aluminum levers (most any Japanese bike), any attempt to bend them back into shape will just about guarantee a dull cracking sound and a two-piece lever. Here's the hot setup: if you're at home, place the lever in your oven and heat it to 220 degrees for about 15 minutes. The lever can then be tapped gently back into shape on a block of wood. If you're out in the field, the lever can be laid on the exhaust manifold of your idling truck for 15 or 20 minutes, then a careful bending process ensues. Naturally, you'll have to use gloves and rags to prevent fingerburn when you use this process, but the heating process quadruples your chances of success in the deadly lever-straightening game.

or you leave the lever mounts a little loose :ride:

i always have mine a little loose, but they somehow find a way to bend or break from time to time

or you leave the lever mounts a little loose :ride:

Thats what I've always done and I have the original clutch and brake lever on my bike from new in '02. And it's not like I don't crash either.

Or you can put a couple layers of teflon tape on the bar and mount the lever, AND put your levers 70-80 degrees down like I do and have far less chances of breaking a lever.

or buy barkbusters...

I read somewhere that on some levers you have to actually try bend it back quickly like smack it with a hammer sort of quick because when you try bend it back by hand it just snaps every time. Havent had a chance to try it though because i use barkbusters

simple solution, but forged leverl isntead of the shit cast ones stock on most jap bikes, or evan better again, get machines aftermarket ones.

or better yet get asv's

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