thinking braided lines


im currently of thinking of replacing my break and clutch line and putting braided stainless lines in.

just curious though i hear all this talk of how good the lines are, but i have never really known why their so much better apart from the obvious durability.

so my question is what makes braided lines so much better?

I have been quoted $100 aus per line at my local kawi store, is this a decent price or is it easily beaten else where?


Quality braided lines "bulge" less from internal pressure so more of the hydraulic action is conserved to operate the component...cluth or brake in this case. Durability and probably long term UV are a couple of other advantages. I installed a Galfer braided line on my KLR650, and the resulting improvement was quite noticeable. Most KLR's have a wimpy single piston brake on the front, and they need all the help they can get.


i was just talking to a mate of mine who bought 2 wr450's and spend around 15grand on both of them to supermotard them and get all the cosmetics and little nifty things and he mentioned them

and later on i noticed that my front brakes rubber casing has been worn away from how kawi installed it and just thinking since im coming up to first service.

how would i find out the length of required braided line for my breaks?

would you say clutch line be worth it?

Unless you're getting them custom made or such, you can usually order a braided line for your specific bike.

what would be the easiest way to find the leangh of a 2010 klx250s? so far the manual hasnt came up with any resaults

Done that on my previous bikes and s a matter of fact, all my bikes...

They shud be a bit (slightly) longer than the OEM lines..I wud say about 3" to 4" longer.

Put one on my 92 klr250. Worth every penny. Those brakes are still terrible but they were horrendous before I did that.

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