o yea

Well i got some luck for a change . I got a 2000 model xr100 for a hondred bucks and the good thing is its 15 min. drive from my house to get it . so im going to take a some parts off it to fix my 2001 but if any body needs parts i can give a good deal on the stuff im not useing so if any body needs somthing pm . And ill no more about it saterday.

what parts are you using? So we'll know what to PM you about!!!

sweet deal!!

I will not get the bike till sunday r at latest sometime this week as soon as i can get over there . I will be sure to let u no . I will only use the stator and seat off it so , when i get it ill let u no and send pics of wat u might need.

I'll give you $100 for the motor without the stator.

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