Z-Start Clutch

I'm looking into a Z-Start automatic clutch and want to know how everybody likes them? I seen the Pro's but want to know the Con's. If anybody has one please let me know. :)

Now I could be wrong, it's happened a time or 2. My understanding is you can't slip the clutch to bring the revs up quick if you want too.

I have one con regarding auto-clutches in general. The one issue I have with my auto-clutch (I'm sure this would apply to any of the auto-clutches out there) is that when riding up through some very technical terrain I can't pull the clutch lever in to abruptly stop my momentum when I need to. If someone made a rear hand brake lever for the WR (hydraulic) this would solve this problem. I usually have this problem when I can't reach my foot brake lever.

As far as bringing the rev's up quickly without the clutch lever I can see this being a definite issue with motocross. I rode my WR450 on a track this past weekend and I would have liked to have the lever to slip the clutch out of corners and for speed-shifting, etc. If I rode motocross all the time I would have left the clutch lever on. I primarily ride offroad so this isn't an issue for me. I don't miss the clutch lever on the WR450 because this bike has enough torque to pull the front end up in any situation.


With the new Perch Mounted External Adjuster, you get your clutch lever back. It can be used to fan the clutch for extra power out of corners or to quickly disengage the clutch at any speed. $69 for existing customers, $99 for new customers.

Another disadvantage of an auto-clutch is bull-dogging. If you can't make a steep hill climb or you need to go down a very steep slope, you can kill your engine, put the bike in gear and let out your clutch and you have sort of a built-in parking brake. You loose that with an auto clutch. We are also working on a left-hand brake setup that would help with this particular situation.

Thanks guys for the post, :)


While we have listed some of the cons I would have to say the majority, if not all, the guys that I know that have them like them. They will take these minor issues for the big pluses. With that said I don't have one and really don't desire one. I don't think there is anything wrong with them, just doesn't fit my style of riding, old habits die hard I guess.

I plan on getting one sometime next month. They say it's always smart to find out these things before you buy one! From what I've heard, and what I've seen, it is a must have.

I finally saw an add in this months Dirt Rider(pg24). :)

I am just about sold on this idea. Any comments on how this product would be for an ameteuer/novice rider?.

Thanks! :)

Thats who will benefit most. The pros already know how to fan a clutch. All the beginners who have tried mine love it, the better guys are split.

I was right on the edge of buying one when a friend of mine showed up at a GNCC race in SC and did nothing but complain about it. After listening to all of the problems he said he had with it on his YZ450, I ran in the other direction and just bought a set of new DP clutches for my bikes.

Bonzai :)

Yamakazi, which brand was it?

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