Grayracers slider mod, what silicone?

Hey im just wondering what sort of silicone i should use to bond the stainless sheet to my swingarm? something like roof and gutter silicone or a specific automotive silicone?


Roof and gutter will be fine.

I used GOOP. Sold at most stores. The stuff is amazing! Use it when I need something to stick or glue permanent. Stays semi flexable but will not delaminate like most silicone based materials.

I used "GMS", the proprietary RTV sealer that GM tech use, but only because I had some. It's too expensive to pay for at retail.

Permatex sells it as "The Right Stuff"but it's still pricey, and it isn't necessary here. Just any good grade of black RTV is fine for the purpose, and either of the above suggestions is OK too.

I just used the cheapest black RTV I could find. :ride:

Well i ended up using roof and gutter stuff i had here so will see how it goes. I couldnt find a thin piece of stainless. Thinnest i could find was 0.9mm so not sure what that converts to in gauge but it seems a bit thick to bend into all the contours.

Anyhow i will see how it hold up. If it doesnt work too well ill just fork out the $$ for the tm designs one

0.9mm is around 20 gauge, and at .035", it's a bit heavier than the 24 gauge I used, which is .020" or about 0.5mm, but it should be OK nevertheless. Chain slap will eventually form it to the exact contour of the top of the swing arm, and regardless of that, it will stop the scuffing wear of the aluminum altogether.

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