80% of AMA SX privateers on 2010 KX450F

Is it my imagination, or are 80+ % of privateers in the 2010 AMA SX series on green bikes? Not just Wey and Byrne before they landed substitute rides, I mean the guys way further down the pack.

Go re-watch the heats and especially the LCQs so far this year. I see a sea of green. In 2008 it was mostly red. 2009 a real mix. Seems like guys who buy their own bikes and cannot afford to seriously mod them, have gone green in 2010. If this is true, then for people in the market for a 2010 production bike (99% of buyers), this has got to be the best testament Kawi could hope for. Must be a good machine.

Kawasaki has continued its strong contingency program, which makes a big difference. Honda at one time was the top contingency payout and that was one of the reasons why red was the most popular privateer bike. The other being their bikes were great, but the last couple of years....

The KX is also an incredible bike. My '10 blows me away everytime I ride it.

My '10 blows me away everytime I ride it.
You're a lucky man.

solid bike, solid company, solid dealer network, solid contingency

It's all about the contingency, a few years ago all of them were on Honda's because they were offering the most. The AMA pays shit for purse money, those guy's have to go with which company has the best contingency.

My '10 blows me away everytime I ride it.
You're a lucky man.


i got to wrench for warthog at PHX SX a couple weekends ago and they are a privateer team and they had 8 riders 6 of them on kawi's 1 on a slowzuki and 1 honda. They didnt pay for there bikes because of sponsors or what not and i asked my rider why he rode an '10 kx450 and he said strictly because the bike was an overall amazing ride. He being from Australia and coming off a great year in the New Zealand SX it was his first year in the AMA SX series. Aden De Jager #958 he was an awesome guy sucks he didnt make the main tho.

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