06 Supermoto gearing

Question to sumo riders.

My dirt setup is a 13-50

My sumo setup is 15-39

Does that seem good? Im 6'4 - 245lbs

Bike goes well and has a great topend, but wheelies above 3rd is just no there anymore.

what should I run?


Your 2006 WR450 has a different transmission ratio versus my 2007 WR450.

I run 15/50 dirt and dual sport riding.

For street SUMO setup I run 15/45, and power wheelies in 3rd are still easy from lower rpms.

My street top speed is about 100mph, and cruises easy at 60mph.

Also, I do not have to remove the chain or front sprocket for dirt to street swaps.

I run 15/43 on my 08'

I can only power wheelie in second. 3rd gear wheelies are standups.

The bike pulls well. I imagine something well over 100mph topend.

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