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Idetify this FCR

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Hi boys, looking for some help and hoping you fellers could assist me.

I bought this carb last year to install on a Z400 with a 434 engine bore,

12.2-1 compression, both Hotcams, full Trinity Racing pipe and running no Airbox.

When I bought it, the kid who sold it to me said it had the Boyesen Quickshot cover on it. The AP cover is for sure some other metal than the rest of the carb body so I am assuming it is aftermarket and is possibly the Boyesen 1 because it doesn't look like the boyesen 2 or 3. I included some pics to aid in the identification.



I am also curious to know what year of bike this came off of. If I remember correctly, the kid told me it came from a Yamaha YFZ but what year I don't remember. I want to know this for the identification of what jets to buy. **EDIT** Carb has a P/N stamped on the body reading 5TGC 30UG13

Either way here are pics I took of the carb.





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It's not a "Boyesen" cover... but it's not stock.

That carb is off of a 2004/5 YFZ450 quad. It can be made to fit... but I hope you got it cheap, because it's going to need a little love to make it work. But... it will work just fine.

This thread should answer all your questions. But... PM me if you need some more info.


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Thanks Doc. That is a pretty good thread you drew up. I like your approach to the typical forum answers too. There can be some real smart a$$es on here sometimes.

As for the application on the Z400, I already have had it running. The throttle cable is custom, head to carb boots are custon and she fits tight but she does fit. On the Z they have this black box that gets in the way of tuning the AP. Lots of guys have tried to relocate and remove it with minimal luck so that is really the only pain of having this carb on the Z. But there performance gains are just unreal. I used to have the Edelbrock on it but others turned me to the FCR. Much nicer.

In the pics you can see where I removed the TPS electronics to make more room.

Seriously man, I really appreciate this bit of info. This will get me moving in the right direction. I will PM you if I have anymore questions.


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