ok, i have a 09 kx250f, and i ordered a pivot works fork rebuild kit, it comes with o rings, bushings, and the seals/wipers. for the shcok i just ordered the MSR shock seal and i guess the seals have bushings on the inside. but as i looked i seen on the shcok piston theres a ring, but it looks like a bushing. the parts list calls it a pistion ring. i didnt order one of these. do i have to replace it? i have 72.2 hours on my bike. any help is greatly appriciated.:ride::lol:

If you're replacing the rest of the guts, I'd recommend it. It's the working seal for the piston and it does wear affecting your dampening.

Really sorry for the hijack, but does anyone have the .pdf for the '09?

ok well it seems fine, jsut got back from teh dealer, and i got my shoc seal kit, and the mechanic said dont replace it unless its tore up or in bad shape.

The piston band is super tight on these shocks. I have piston band load o rings from a 46MM KYB that take some of the excess pressure off the band, gets it down to a good size. Some suspension guys have reported the bands being burned they are so tight.

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