might part out a KX60?

I have a 1994 KX60 in very good condition in the Charlotte, NC area. I am thinking of parting it out as my son has moved on to an XR80. Just checking interest here to see if anyone wants the complete engine. The bike still has the OEM front tire on it and runs strong. Since I got it used that is all I could tell you about the history. We have trail ridden it for one year with no issues at all. I was thinking of $300 for the engine plus $50 shipping. I have parted out several bikes before and I know how to pack and ship safely. PM if interested in the engine or any other major items. If you want pics send me an email address. I just recently reg on TT but I'm knobbyboy on ebay also if anyone wants to read my feedback on there. Thanks :ride:

if there is nothing wrong with it y do you want to part it out? i think you could get more that $300 for the whole bike

$300 for the engine, I need $600 out of the whole bike. There is nothing wrong with the bike as a whole. Sometimes when things are selling slow its easier to part out and actually you can come out ahead on a part out $$ wise vs. an outright sell. In this case I just want to part it all out for ~ $600 total.

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