collant in oil

ok im out of ideas i have a rmz250 but its a pretty basic bike question and the rmz forum doesnt get much traffic, i bought it not running the old owner was getting collant in oil. so i pulled it down new head and base gasket, new water pump and impeller seals and the head pressure checked for cracks and its not warped. put everything together and still water in the oil, im out of idea can some one help my out?

i can help you out with spelling.... coolant

sorry i was typing in a hurry

Even though you just replaced the head gasket, it could still be the culprit. Try changing the oil to flush it out some more to see.

the old owner said he also put a head gasket in it and it still did this i read somewhere that a crank seal could cause this. is this true?

pressure check the entire system before u dissassemble anything. to confirm you have a leak. Possible overheat-cracked cylinder or case sorry

wouldnt i also be having white smoke if it was a head gasket?

ok ill pressure check it before i do anything and see how that turns out.

tryed that and it holds pressure??? im confused

I would go ahead and check the crank seal as well.

ok jw how would the crank seal make it leak?

These leaks can be tough to when it is not the common cause such as a head gasket. It only takes a small amount of water to milk the oil so if the crankcase and oil passages are not cleaned thoroughly residue will contaminate the fresh oil and provide a false positive.

Often when a head gasket leaks the combustion gasses will erode the mating surfaces making them prone to leakage with a new gasket. Warped surfaces also make sealing difficult.

If you stilll have a leak after the above it could be a cracked casting which can be difficult to find. You might try pressurizing the cooling system with 30psi for a leak down test using air.

Did you replace the impeller shaft? The seals wear grooves in the shaft and prevent the seal from doing its job. That is where I would start.

no im going to order a new one and a new big clutch cover gasket and try them and see. i guess i cant complain since i bought the bike for $250.

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