how much should taking the crank apart cost?

i called fast by ferracci and they said around $250 to take apart the crank and put it back together if i send them my crank and rod kit.....i was figuring around $100 to have this done...what makes it so pricey?

is it important to have someone that has done a husk before or are most cranks the same and i should just take it to a local place that does it around me?

It would depend on how much work and how long it takes them,

If you just give the crank an new parts to someone who has jigs ready to press a Husky crank then you should be paying them about an hour labour £35 to £50 ($50to $80) is not unreasonable.

Sometimes they could offset the profit from the parts if they supply them,

You are in effect paying them and hiring their tools:ride:

if i had to guess how long it should take i would think about 30mins

$80 per hour plus lets say $100 for the tools they use....but i've never split a husk crank but i have to guess thats its about the same as doing a typical 2 stroke crank

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