raining and 33 degress, but I wanna ride!

Im so tempted to just go anyway, I'm feeling really cooped up today

and there's a party tonight Im supposed to go to, but its gonna sleet/snow so I don't think I'm gonna try

what to do...... where's that rain gear

I dont see the problem, go riding! If I didnt go when it was raining, I would only get to go 3 months out of the year. Rain is a way of life here in the North Wets. Most of the riding around here in in the mountains or the desert and this time of year those are the expected conditions.

man that was cold, in the woods was not bad, but on the highway, 32 degrees felt more like 5 degrees, on the way home wet was worse..

I lived in washington a few years, the daily drizzle got old, I wish I had a dualsport out there, we did have a jeep and hit all the jeep trails around ft lewis

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