xr400 supermotard tyres


I want to put new tires on my xr400

I mainly drive on road and i make a few trips on dirt (15-20% overall)

I am think to put on onw of these :







I think i will choose the biggest size 150-160mm and 120mm front

What do you think ???

Which one is the best ???

Do you think that there are other better models for my bike ???

are you 2 tracking? none of those tires are gonna suit you, you really have to have 2 set ups for dirt and street. none of those tires accomplish what you really want, there is no good street/dirt tire.

but again it depends on the terrain, ive done 2 tracks with a bridge stone battlax, hard as hell but doable.

good luck!


I don't want to do anything x-treme i just go on dirt-roads nothing special.

I just need i tire that is not fall apart if you take it on a dirt road !!!! :ride:

okay then you could manage any of those tires without too be of a deal.

honestly i would go for a straight up road tire, the hybrid tires dont last as long nor do they stick in the corners as good. if the dirt roads arent too sandy or too rocky a straight up road tire would be fine. as i said before i have used my street tires on 2 tracks and can get away with it, ive had 50/50 and 70/30 tires and wore out fast! the battlax has already lasted much longer and has some really good grip and wear properties.

i think the that either of the avons would be the best that youve looked at

Which modell from the battlax you have ???

Maybe i look for this too !!!

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