XR 650 oil loss

Hi everyone, I have a 94 XR 650L, not sure how many miles are on the bike. I have been experiencing excessive oil loss during rides, at least one Qt. during about a 100 Mi. ride over the road and thru the woods. No noticable smoke, no noticable leaks at home. Did notice alot of oily goo in the airbox. Where is the oil going?????? Cost me $500.00, a new cam, bearings and lifters! Please help!

Thanks :ride:

There are gobs of threads on how to check the oil. Are you sure you're checking the level properly? (Not meaning to insult.)

The oil could be pooling in the sump - have you checked the sump level via the inspection bolt?

If it's not going on the ground, then that much oil usage should be causing noticeable smoke. Many say that these bikes tend to blow oil out of the breather at higher rpm, but in my experience, that is more the case if the rings are worn. My 600's engine is tight and doesn't lose any oil, even after a few miles of 90mph+. :ride:

Also, +1 on knowing how to check it correctly.

Thanks everyone so far. Yes, I made sure that I am checking the oil as the manual calls for, I will look into the oil pooling up in the sump.


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