how to install light on CRF230F

Does anyone know what all is involved to install headlight on 2004 CRF230F?

from what I have been researching you need a 35w headlight and just run the wires to the battery.My Idea was to run the wire to a switch then to the battery that way I only have to use it when I need to,letting the battery use all the power for charging.If you want to run bigger lights you will need to buy a new stator with a higher output.

Thanks for the input

Yeah, the 35w unit from Baja Designs is great. straps right on to the front forks with rubber wrap-around straps, runs good on the stock alternator, give useful light.

would this be the same for the 150F? Is the stator wound heavily enough to handle a headlight?

i Think its the same for the 2006 and up CRF150f

I installed the Baja Designs headlight and tailight kit and it has work well with the stock rotor. Installation was pretty easy. See pics in garage.:ride:

As mentioned the 35W is the most light you can run with out a rewind.

Halogen is my preference.

I'm over kill on wire ga but considering the wire runs under the fuel tank I think it's a good idea. Voltage drop is less too but in 3 ft it's not much regardless.

14ga wire , 5 amp fuse (good for the 35W) and a switch

Hook directly to battery.

You can find simple 35W halogens for under $80.

Some on TT have found even cheaper lights that they rigged up. It'll take some time but if you use the search tool you can find a bunch of threads on this subject.

Good luck!


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Be careful when you just hook directly to the battery though. You will have to make sure the light is off when you start it and let the bike idle a bit before turning the light on so the battery can charge back up. I think the stock stator can put out 60w tops and its really to keep the battery charged. The way I did it was to buy a roll of magnet wire for $10 and wrap the empty stator posts then hook into a regulator/rectifier ($50) from ricky stator. Then I hooked the lights into the battery and there is no problem at all with having enough juice. It was pretty simple and I got it done on a saturday before lunch...Hope this helps!

I added a headlight (full dual sport kit) to my 2003 230F a few years ago. I use a 35W bulb, and the stator could not keep the battery charged (new battery) very well. I would top aff the battery with a charger after every ride, until one day while I stopped to do some fishing the bike wouldn't start. I push started it with no problem, but that's when I ordered a Ricky Stator. Best money I have spent on my bike. I can run headlight, blinkers, taillight, GPS, all day long with out a problem now.

The XR family over the years had a variety numberplate headlites with quick release straps, nice units with 35watt hi/lo bulbs. Maier also make a knock off version.

The BD LED tail/brake light draws very little power leaving more for the headlite, and they work on AC for those who have AC power for lighting or no battery.

Yeah, the 35w unit from Baja Designs is great. straps right on to the front forks with rubber wrap-around straps, runs good on the stock alternator, give useful light.

I must be missing something...I don't see the 35W unit offered by Baja Designs. Help!!



My headlight system is also from Baja Designs. I ordered their enduro kit, not dual sport kit , and then I added a bicycle horn, a rr view mirror, and got mine street legal. It's easy (too easy!) to plate an offroad bike in my state.

My 230f, all ready to hit the road and trails...



Did it myself on a 150f in the summer... make sure if you are running straight from the battery, use a fuse! You can get simple 35w Halogen headlights everywhere! Also, if you want a rear light, an LED would be best, look good, and draw like no power. PM me with any questions, problems you run in to!


Get a Polisport MMX headlight. They are cheaper than BD and look a whole lot better. 35W hi/low, connect it directly to the battery (with in-line fuse) and control with a Trail Tech 3 position switch. That way you never have to have the light on unless you really need it and wont run down your battery.

I fabricated some brackets to bolt the light onto my triple clamp, because if you use the rubber mounting pieces the light will hit the CDI box.

Got any pics of light/brackets installed?



I will get some pics when I get a chance... The brackets were fairly simple, made out of 1.25 inch angled aluminum. I put some rubber between the light and the bracket to take care of vibration.

I was in the same boat as you a few months ago. I have a Crf230f and added a Polisport headlight from The light is a Led light which only draws 3w and is pretty bright for such low wattage. I then used a switch from The switch ran directly to the battery and had a low, high, off setting. The switch also has an inline fuse. The only mod I had to do was cut the connector off the headlight and the switch because the connectors were not plug and play. I then spliced the wires on both the headlight and switch and then soldered them together. There will be three wires to solder, Black-Black, Red-Red, and then and off color mine was yellow-yellow. I ran the wires along the cdi box wires, under the gas tank into the battery box. It takes some time to position (and a few zipties) the headlight so that the wires do not get caught on the cdi box. The low wattage does not even give your battery and problems. Any questions just ask.

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