Klx 140 eos

Is this bike end of sale? The last model shown on the Kawi website is the 2009.

Thats a good question, I have been saying that to myself ever since the 2010 KX machines came out I have a 2009 klx140L monster

Wow. The KLX 250 is gone and the 110 is the only 2010 KLX model. I guess with the economy they aren't really updating their play bikes.

How do guys you like your 140. How big are you. I am thinking of buying one for myself. I like it better than the TTR-125.

Hey RadBrad48,yes I do love my 140L I have the monster edition,but sadly could be selling for an 09 kx100 im 5ft7 if I have enough money for the 100 and to keep the 140 I would definatly keep the 140

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