E.F.I. - Do I Have This Correct?

Fuel injection is cool, I am sure in a few years pretty much all bikes will be E.F.I.

I have been reading posts here and on Huskytalk and hopefully will buy a TE in the near future, I know Palmer84one is very happy with his 450.

But I am still learning.

What I understand is that the bikes are very lean from the factory to pass our stupid emissions tests. By installing the power up kit - less restricted intake etc, remove the sensor out of the pipe, resistor mod, will really wake up the bike.

Also, there is "Autotune" - a system where you can fine tune the injection system. Am I correct so far?

Is "uncorking" the bike sufficient or is Autotune pretty much a must have? Does the Autotune self learn - plug and play, or is fine tuning on a laptop required (I am guessing a cable connection to a laptop is part of the system)?

I understand that the bikes computer senses when the bike is uncorked and this voids your warranty, what about if Autotune is installed during the uncorking, still a warranty problem?

What is I Beat? I haven't got that far in my learning.

This stuff is probably common knowledge to you guys, like I said, I am still learning, so help a Newb out.


you have most of it right.

When the bikes come from the factory the FI system is in closed loop forum. That means the fuel injection is reading the o2 sensor in your exhaust system and is constantly adjusting the electronics to get the perfect fuel/air mixture. This is the system in cars and works good but right now it has a hard time adjusting quick enough to work for aggressive off road bike.

When you install the power up kit you remove the restrictions and put the bikes FI in open loop system(all fuel injected race bikes have this). In open loop the computer on your bike has preset settings and they never change. It essentially gives the bike a electronic carb. that way when you instantly open the throttle it doesn't have to think it just give the engine fuel from memory.

My TE510 runs great after the power up and I dont need to buy the autotune. I think most people that buy the autotune just want to play with it and try to get a more personal favorite setting. kinda like people who always mess with there carburetor jetting.

Yes even with autotune it will void warranty. If your worried just ride the bike stock for the few months until the warranty is over.

Ibeat is the program from husqvarna to make changes to the bikes computer. you can change settings and try and make the bike run better. Most dealers have this for you to use.

Hopefully i covered everything. feel free to ask more

Ok I have one, why is it said that in stock tune it will run hotter(I understand that) and will shorten the life of the engine, when its running the same A/F ratio as any other street machine?

Also, Ive read that powering up will decrease low end performance. Why would increasing fuel in the low end decrease performance?

Sorry that was 2. BTW, good explanation.


First off you will see allot of people saying open it up and ride it hard out of the box. I will say talk to George at Up-tite and get it from the numero uno (#1) man in the Husky bizz. Personally it is true, you really do not need to mess with the bike once it is broke in and un-leashed. It will just run flawless. I have never seen a bike at Up-tite, that he sold and was needing help. The bike only comes with a 6 month Warranty unless you get the 610, and if it screws up during break in it was going to screw up anyway. I put an easy 600 to 900 miles on both my huskies before I had George do the open loop PU kit. Like you said in the first post, I love my 450, But I love my SM610 also.

Are you available to ride over the 12th to 16th? PM me, I would like to get out to the Desert and you can run mine. I'll even bring the SM610 and you can give it a run for a gear box difference between the smaller bikes and it. Just in case you might like the TE610/630.

Also, Ive read that powering up will decrease low end performance.

I have not found that to be true on my 2010 EFI TXC250. More power everywhere uncorked.

Why would increasing fuel in the low end decrease performance?


It's not the fuel it is loss of exhaust back pressure. Same goes when removing the sparky. The added fuel should over come this when the EFI setting are correct.

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