how do know if chain is wore out ?

MY sons has a crf 150r that was purchased used and that owner had put a longer chain on . The problem is the adjustment screws are backed way out and it seems the chain is never stays adjusted for long. Should I take a link out or what. He rides the desert only. How can i tell if the chain is wore out. The axel blocks stick out 1/4 in. past the swing arm. I looked at the sprockets they seem ok but I'm not sure. front sprocket the teeth are still flat on top and the back are more pointed. Any Ideas?


visually check the links, I do a pull test off the rear sprocket, when you try to pull the chain off the sprocket, if a couple links pull off easy, it's probably shot. Kinda hard to explain without showing it, but try on a new chain and then you'll know what a good chain feels like.

one way to see if a chain is shot is to measure the distance between a certain amount of rivets and see if it exceeds the service limit. check your manual for the amount of rivets and for the service limit.

another way is to take the chain off, and if you hold the chain straight out on its side and it bows a lot its worn

when its on the bike, wraped around both sprockets, pull it backward in the middle of the rear sprocket, if it can stretch far enough to see close to the top of the teeth then its pretty worn

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