how do know if chain is wore out ?

MY sons has a crf 150r that was purchased used and that owner had put a longer chain on . The problem is the adjustment screws are backed way out and it seems the chain is never stays adjusted for long. Should I take a link out or what. He rides the desert only. How can i tell if the chain is wore out. The axel blocks stick out 1/4 in. past the swing arm. I looked at the sprockets they seem ok but I'm not sure. front sprocket the teeth are still flat on top and the back are more pointed. Any Ideas?


time for a new chain... its stretched out! its not gonna hold its length for long because its getting weaker.

if you have to keep adjusting for chain stretch, then the chain is more than likely worn out. the sprockets are probably shot too, and if you're going to replace the chain might as well replace the sprockets so that everything matches up correctly.

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