riding a 2 stroke in the winter

ok i live in indiana and its about 20 out side now. i started up my bike today just to get it out and make sure stuff works. i let it just idel to warm up and then just went real slow around until the the radiator got warm. once it got warm i started to ride it like normal but it wanted to bog right of the start in first gear but then it was fine, and road like normal.

is this normal for two stokes to not run right? like my sled if i try and start it in the summer if runs like crap. is it the same with dirt bikes?

i think i have it jetted pretty well in the summer mabe just a tad on the rich side just a tad

Depending on how close you have it jetted, it may need to be changed between summer & winter(air temp-Air density.) You may be able to get the bog out by just adjusting the idle mixture screw, if not you may have to change the pilot.

oh ok i guess i just wont ride it when its cold i dont realy wlant to mess with it

Cold air is more dense which leads to a lean condition.

that's right, denser air means not enough fuel for the air. It's a normal and expected problem. I have an extended fuel screw for that issue. It's real handy.

so is that why it would bog right off the start? it would be lean?

Ron_M is right, cold air is denser so you get more of it per cubic foot which means you need more air to go with it.

Simply go up 1 size on the pilot and maybe 2-3 on the main and see what that does.

If you removed the airbox lid, you can try putting it back on before rejetting. That would lessen the air intake which would richen the mixture.

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