crf 450 04 veypor rev settings

Hi iv got a veypour digital dash on my street 04 450 everything works fine apart from the rev counter what settings are others using

it says it revs to over 15000 which cant be right

the rev counter is feed of the coil input wire if i remember correctly cheers Rick

u need to set it for 1 spark every 2 engine rotations. you have the setting for a 2stroke. choose the other option the comp. offers, and it should work.....

In the manuel for pulses per revolution it says there is a choice of 0.5 1.0 2.0 pulses per revolution do i need 0.5 as default is supposed to be 1.0 ??

hmmmm? idk.........i would just try them all, and see what the tach reads during idle. easy to see if its working correctly there......btw, what does the idle read as it is when it read 15K?? good luck

now that i think about it, .5 sounds right. thats whaere i got mine....impretty sure thats correct.

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