Suggestions for beginner bike for dunes and trails

Okay, this is a tough one. I have a 15 year old daughter with some experience riding but not a lot. We love to go to the sand dunes near Yuma, Arizona couple times a year. And we ride desert trails near home. Any suggestions for a bike for her that could do both? Am thinking about something like CRF 150R? A friend has an XR200 but don't think that would do sand too well. Thanks in advance for any help.

I say go with the 200 if you can get a good deal. It will do fine in the dunes with a paddle. The CRF150 will be pretty high maintenance and cost a bit more. Any used one would probably have been raced and little racer kids love the rev limiter. Another option would be something like an XR250, XR400 or 250f MXer and lower it if needed. I miss AZ riding. Good luck.

125 with a 144 kit and a flywheel weight

Or if she is small a kx 100 or equivilent

TTR 125 with electric start. Then put a rekluse in it and you life will be great. She can start it herself no problem, and you take the clutch out of the equation, but it's still there if needed. Have 2 one for my wife and 15 yr old daughter. Do this so you can enjoy your ride.

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