Auxiliery fuel tank

I saw a pic recently, of a natural plastic aux. fuel tank that fits over the rear fender behind the seat. I think it was called a saddle tank. Can anyone point me toward a site. I'm interested.

Thanks for the reply and the link Goebz, that's not the type I saw though. The one I saw was molded to droop down on both sides of the rear fender (sort of like dog ears) behind the side panels. I should have said that in the first post. I expect that it's discontinued, because no amount of web searching has brought it up.

Again, thanks for trying. Joel H.

Nomad tanks is the one you want to look at. I run one that i purchased bake when i had my Ktm. fits the drz and wr's very nicely.

That must be the one I saw. Pretty pricey though. I was hoping they were cheaper and not have to shell out IMS 4L money for the few times I want more range. I think I'll probably be going the MSR fuel can rout.

Thanks for the help though, Raynmanx.

Joel H.

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