more oil to clutch

I installed a Hinson the other night and examined the long acutator rod. I was wondering what some guys are doing to the grooves in this rod to increase the oil flow to the clutch plates? Obviously, these grooves are deepened, but to what extent and what tool is best to use. I don't want to ruin the rod and have down time.

I haven't tried this but Randy Hawkins mechanic Dale was modifying his pushrod end cap (the part that pushes the pressure plate) he used a dremel and cut another spiral grove exactly like the one on this part but on the opposite side. I'm still waiting for my updated rod hope its not a myth.

Also, you should be careful about modifying the pushrod as too much oil to the clutch might starve the valve train as they are fed by the same supply

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F-Pilot: Yeah, that's why I didn't want to start grinding on the rod until I was sure what I needed to do. I was just looking at the microfiche for the clutch and trying to get a good grip on how the oil flows along this path. It appears that oil flows along the push rod shaft, regulated by the size of the spiral grooves, until it dead ends inside of the shorter push rod. It looks to me like the shorter rod acts like a spray nozzle which forces the oil to flow radially and lubes the plates. Am I on the right line of thinking? I hear what you're saying about starving the topend of oil. I can't afford to screw this up. Maybe I should see about getting the updated rod as well. I don't suppose this is a free update from Yamaha, is it?

I'd really love to hear more on this modification. I have drilled 3 3/16th" holes in the back of the basket, (Be sure and miss the strengthening webs)and drilled 3 evenly spaced 1/16" holes in the inner hub gooves to attempt to help the ailing clutch. Don't know if these were smart moves as far a reliabilty, but I have been running this way for around 6 - 7 months. Clutch action is slightly better, but no earth shattering improvement. This rod mod could be the ticket. If someone could direct me to some pictures on how to do this, I'd appreciate it.

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Well, the updated pushrod does not exist, Yamaha does not have a bulletin or update on the grabby clutch even though they know about it. I am going to try grinding the groove in the short pushrod as I said before, don't have any pictures but I saw a spare that Dale had in the van so I know what to do, just grind the grove identical but on the other side. This does not affect oil flow but distributes it to the plates better.

I've had the Hinson in for about 2 weeks now and have raced once and went to a practice session. So far, it's as smooth as butter. Did anyone else have no luck with posting new topics or replying? I wrote a couple and when I clicked on "submit", they never posted.

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