oil strainer

Well I pulled, accidently broke off some fo the light blue wire. Installed my frame gaurds, changed the oil filter, and drained the oil.

But I cannot get the oil strainer to break loose. The biggest size metric wrench I have is a 22(what siz is it?). Every fastener I've loosened so far is rediculasly tight. What size does it take, and has anyone else had this problem. I don't want to strip it anymore then it already is.

I had the same problem, it must be a Michigan thing. I gave up rather than totally screwing it up or worse yet :) .

Sorry I could'nt offer any help...but I feel your pain.

On my 250F, I believe it is a 19mm. I had to remove the hose first (which was a TOTAL PAIN) and then use a socket to remove the strainer.

And yes, it seemed like every fastener on the bike was super tight.

So I should try to remove the hose? :) I wanna ride tommorow! I don't want to mess the hose up though. And I wanna see if it starts easier now. :D

the bolts are tight cos if they aint the vibration of the engine will loose you loads of nuts and bolts.. I learnt to use a little blue loctite when i re-assemble anything on mine.. :)

Well you have to to get the strainer off. I used a small screwdriver, pliers w/ a rag and WD-40 to try and loosen the hose until I finally got it off.

Spray the WD-40 inside the hose while trying to pry it open with the screwdriver. Be careful not to rip or damage the hose.


does the strainer have a copper washer?mine does not,and after i changed the oil it drips. :)

It's supposed too have one. Are you sure it just didn't stick to the frame when you pulled it out, mine did.

I got it off! Got a tip from a yz 426 owner, and got help from a friend. You have to take the line off that goes into the case. Pull back the hose a bit with needle nose pliers, then yank it off. I got the strainer unturned with a 15/16 box end wrench. It fit nicely on the newly rounded corners. You need to have someone there(to hang on to the bike) while you beat on the wrench. But I did not find ANYTHING in there, it was perfectly clean. I'm glad I finnaly got to ride my bike again.

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