Steering Dampers - - Are they really worth it?

GPR direct cost me $305 delivered. Got it last week. This was for the "kit", which included the post, bar clamp and damper.

This is the latest from GPR. It mounts below the bars. It has the bar clamp built in.



I have a Scotts on my '99 WR. When it's time to sell the WR the Scott's IS NOT included - it has saved my butt more times than I care to admit.

Mine is mounted underneath my bars on Scott's 'Universal' mount because I run Thumper Racing Bar Risers. There is a picture of this set-up on Scott's webpage somewhere. I don't adjust mine on the fly so I'm seriously considering the fender mount set-up so I can swap the unit between my WR & my KX500 - different bar positions so a top mount won't work.


I just finished my 1st 4 motos with my Scotts and I believe that it saved my butt a few times that I got crossed up bad. I just rode out of it and never lost a place. It even seems to work in the air somehow. I bought mine from Chris at steering and no problems. Fast shipping direct from Scotts. Good price.

I might even start to "Pretend it's flat and give it gas" :)

Point being, when was the last time you snapped a fender off at the triple clamp?? If this happens regularly then the low mount will probably cause you some problems.

Yes this would be cause for concern if happening regularly. So far I've only had one major incident with a tree and it whacked my number plate above the fender, might have got a dampener had there been one there. I've sent an email to and plan to order one. Thanks!

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