Humidity and stalling

Sorry, I'm a newb and I'm the only one I know with a bike, so I don't have any source for advice or a soothing experienced voice ouside of here, thanks for being here!

I was out yesterday evening in a light rain and stalled 3 times in an hour just when rolling to a stop. It's a 2-week old WR426 and has been amazing until yesterday, do these not like humidity so much ...or rain, or do I have a problem?

Don`t think you have a big problem,just the weather change may have made it run a little rich down low,check the plug for being black and sooty,if it is replace it,clean and oil your filter if it has done a few miles,turn in the fuel mixture screw 1/4-1/2,or less (for this type of weather)and see how it goes!,if it ran fine for you before the change in weather it may just need a small change in fuel setting,but there are plenty people on tt that will get you going ok. :)

have you noticed a little hesitation when you blip the throttle now as well ? if so, sounds like a simple tweak on the fuel screw is needed.. Just got my zip-ty fuel screw in the post today :) (if you dont know what that is, shout, I discovered its existence on these forums)

Thanks guys. I was worried about the plug, I'm fresh back after 15 years and a little shy and running a little slow (hot?) these days too. Glad TT's here 'cause what I knew 15 years ago from my XL100 doesn't apply much anymore! I'll look at both the mix and the plug this weekend.

The Zip-Ty, I looked it up - looks pretty, what's it do? All aboout easier adjustments?

Yep the easy adjust fuel screw does just that,and is worth having.also the carb has a real strong draw of air on these bikes so do a regular check of the carb breather`s and the float bowl for dirt!,open the float bowl drain screw and let it empty,unscrew the big plug in the bottom of the float bowl and check it for dirt!.I find my bike is sensitve to weather change too.:)

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