quieting the 426 down...

Well, I traded in my 2000 YZ250 for a 2000 YZ426 a couple of weeks ago and I love it! I would like to quiet it down though, and I know that this topic has been beaten to death, but:

-I am running the stock exhaust right now, and based upon what I've read, all of the aftermarket exhaust systems aren't as quiet. Is this true?

-Would I be able to slip on an exhaust from the WR400? Would it be an exact fit? Would it be quieter? How would it affect performance? Does anyone have a WR exhaust that they would be willing to sell?

-If I build something to put on the end of the silencer in an attempt to quiet things down, would I risk damaging the motor by restricting flow, etc.?



I have to warn You for the WR400 silencer.

Some friends of mine rides the WR and they have overheat problems.

Whem I switched my stock 429 silencer for a Pro Circuit we tried to put my stock pipe onto a WR and it helped cure the overheat.

What I want to point out is: You could put whatever back there, but beware of the overheat problems.....

This can cause severe damage to You engine !

Let the world know that You ride the awsome 426, it sounds yummie to me..... (You should here the PC pipe)

A friend of mine has built an adapter to

enable you to install the E-Series disks and

end cap onto the stock exhaust. Then you can

vary the number of disks to adjust the noise.

It doesn't get REALLY quiet like klx300 but

it is a little easier on the ears. It also

gives you more back pressure which has helped

the low end a bit. email him @ knobbymark@aol.com for more info.


Is your friend the same one that puts out the S/A end cap for the stock 426 pipe from Works Racing ? that is shown in the wr-400 tech pictures ?


Have you ever considered ear plugs? I wouldn't be caught riding without them. Not only does it greatly reduce the noise to your ears, it makes the exhaust sound THAT much better. Besides, I find it rather fun to get on a 2-stroke rider's rear fender going into a turn and when he just starts his brake slide, I pull in the clutch and blip the throttle twice and watch him lose his cool. It really works!.. :) For me, I find the ear plugs allow me to ignore all the other riders and concentrate on my riding.

I agree with Boit. The louder the better, I run a WB E-Series ProMeg wide open (ear plugs are a must) but the intimidation factor is worth it. I've had guys move over when I was still 4-5 bike lengths behind!!!

From what I've seen and heard the stock muffler is the quietest without choking off the flow

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