ATTN Utah riders!! American Fork canyon CLOSED???

The Unita National Forest Plan Revision basically states that sections of the Uintah National Forest WEST of the Great Western Trail will be designated NON-motorized. Just wondering if any of you Utah locals were aware that the American Fork trail sections are included in this? I have only ridden there once (last fall) and it is AWESOME. Only three local riders showed up to the meeting (to discuss the plan revision) and will have an opportunity to appeal this decision. I was suprised to hear that no organizations were there to support our sport. Anyway, I was looking forward to riding there this summer but may not be able to now.

Bad news! I hate when the left wing enviornmentalists shut down our public lands with a quiet stealth like sucess. It is next to impossible to reverse. Another sad day for the freedom fighters in this great country. :)


While it looks as though there is a reduction in that area overall it seems that the actual miles of motorized trails actually increased to 320 miles. Overall it is more of a shift than a loss for the Uinta NF as a whole.

While it looks as though there is a reduction in that area overall it seems that the actual miles of motorized trails actually increased to 320 miles. Overall it is more of a shift than a loss for the Uinta NF as a whole.

No offense intended David...

Although we may have gained some 320 miles of riding area, that doesn't make ME feel any better. Sort of like "I'm sorry sir, the manufacturer doesn't make your favorite bike anymore...but hey! they added a couple other models. Just disregard the fact that they're the wrong color and they don't meet your riding requirements".

A poor analogy, but basically the point is this: We could ride American Fork Canyon any day of the week. It's only 20 minutes from home. A real nice way to relieve the stress of a long day at work. Any other part of the Uinta NF requires time off work, and lots of driving. I for one, am deeply hurt by the Forest Service decision on this matter regardless of whether or not they gave us 320 miles somewhere else to ride.

Now be a good boy Johnny and play somewhere else...Mom and Dad are trying to watch tv!!

Of course, there's always 5-mile Pass... :)

Ok, flame suit on.


Dan and EVERYONE else,

I understand where you are coming from but the reality is that we sat back and let this happen in American Fork. If we would check our local Forests web page we would know what was going on and show up at the public meetings the NFs are REQUIRED to have during any forest plan revision or major change in management. If we do not show up we are not heard!!!

For those of you who haven't checked with your local forest to see what is going on here is a hint. The Dixie, Fishlake, and Manti-La Sal NFs in UTAH are all starting their forest plan revision process. If you want your voice heard go to the meetings or write a letter. And do not send a form letter write things out in your own words. Form letters are looked on as a push from a single group not several letters from several individuals.

Finally, if you see an OHV user making their own trail get their OHV sticker number and TURN THEM IN!!! Travel off of designated routes will get your favorite trail closed! And for you guys riding uncorked at 105db you are not helping either. Without self policing we are gauranteed to loose ground.

I am inside the planning process and know the pressures from all sides and resource issues. Speak up in numbers and you will be heard.

I think David (tigerowner_ut, WAY too many Dave's, David's and Dan's in this thread! :) ) is 100% correct in his post.

How do areas get shut down?

If a public process is taking place, and decision makers have 10 people in front of them attending the public meeting, and 7 of them are stammering for NO MOTORIZED USES and the other 3 are stating that they have ridden there for years and want to continue...

If you were the decision maker, what are YOU going to decide?

I see this type of stuff everyday. I work in a planning office for a small city. Often, we receive applications for an assisted-living facility, or a church, or even a school. Our city allows those uses in our residential zones, but we want to hear each application on a case-by-case basis, to ensure that the proposal does not adversely impact the existing neighbors. Before the hearing, we will send out "Notice of Application" to all of the property owners with 300' of the proposed project. That notice gives them a simple description of the project, invites them into our office to look at the plan, encourages them to submit written comments on the proposal, and also invites them to the public hearing.

I have seen these hearings where no one, or one person will show. In the hearing, that one person might say "Hey, I like the project, everything looks good, but I am worried about being able to see your garbage collection facilities from my back yard. Would there be anyway that you could provide some type of screening, be it landscaping or a fence, to block my view of that?"

9 times out of 10, a condition will be attached to the approval MANDATING that a fence be constructed to block that guys view. Show up and participate, you have a much better chance of having your ends met than you do sitting at home and hoping they get met.

Also, our ordinance states that only those who submitted written comments or attended the public meeting may challege the decision. Again, participate, and you WILL be heard.

Please don't get me wrong, I am guilty of sitting back myself. It is much easier hoping that others will take care of it, but it is our advisaries who are more willing to get up off the couch and ensure that they are heard, and that is why it seems their agenda is being met.

STAND UP AND BE HEARD dirt bikers! Be a part of the process!

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