YZ rear fender question????

I want to make sure that a YZ rear fender will bolt up on my 2003 WR450F. Am I right in assuming this? Are there any modifications necessary?

Yes, you will have to cut holes in fender for overflow bottle.

I swapped oout the WR for an Acerbis fender. Like ThrottleJockey said, you've got to cut for the overflow bottle. I had to do a bit more trimming, but nothing a Dremmel can't handle. IMHO, why risk breaking the light? All the light does is help the guy behind you make the pass. Heading into the corner, all he has to do is hold off on breaking just until a bit after he sees your purty light and BAM, he's by you. :)

Bud :D

Yes, get rid of that mud collection system they call a light.

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