Another question: Reducing vibration?

Does anyone know of a way to reduce the vibration in the handlebars on a wr450? No big deal, just curious.

Some folks are using rubber mounted triple clamps. I would also check your motor mounts for correct tourque. If their loose, you'll get a lot of vibration. :)

I run the hard rubber mounts on the Scotts triple clamps. You can get medium and soft but I have never tried them. I set them with very little tension with the lock nuts provided and it helps to reduce and lower the frequency of the vibrations. :)

Just in case you didn't know; Aluminum handlebars, especially the tapered aluminum bars (Tag Metals, Renthal, Factory 909) practically eliminate vibrations and are nearly impossible to bend as well as being lighter than the stock steel ones...

I run Pro Tapers Easton Aluminum tubing with rubber mounts and I still have vibration. Lower frequency and intensity but impossible to eliminate. :)

I'll give you a couple of ideas, both the practical and the absurd - both assuming the motor mounts are tight. On the pratical side, rubber bar mounts, thick gel grips, bark busters, and any dual sport junk you can hang off the bars. Downside ? The bike weighs more than stock.

On the absurd side, it's folklore, but Iv'e done it (with positive results), fill the inside of the bars with clear silicone sealant. Buy a 20 oz. tube at the hardware store, seal one end, and pump the bar full of sealant. The sealant, which never cures inside the bar, absorbs high frequency vibrations. Downside ? The bike weighs more than stock.

The absurd too weird ? Worked on my WR400 and WR426. On the WR450 I went to the pratical side. It's a losing situation.

I have had success using the silicone on my Harley. For the WR beast I purchased Bar Snakes and I do not feel any vibration. Of course I dont feel much of anything due to the number of times I fall.

Hey Levy. Iv'e got the falling down thing pretty much perfected too, but what is the principle behind the Bar Snakes ? Can you use them with bark busters ? Who makes em' ?

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