Eric Gorr? how to contact him?

I have been trying for 2 days to contact someone at Eric's Forward Motion, there is a # (1-920-356-0741) posted on his website that rings and rings and .......rings.

Anyone know how to get a hold of him or someone at his shop so I can order some parts/services ? other than the 8 week expected time for returning email he has posted there?


I had the same trouble. It took me weeks to finally reach him. I don't think he is very serious about his business. I wish I had that luxury. He is very cheerful and helpful once you do reach him though.

Once you did finally reach him did you actually buy anything? good results? I have spoken with him before...maybe 6 months ago asked him questions and stuff, but now i am serious about buying something and need to hear that cheerful helpful voice before I part with my

Yeah, I bought a 262 kit for my 01 WR. Just came in Monday. I sliced a finger open that night so it may be a week or so before I got it put in. He took his sweet time getting it to me, but I didn't care, I have another bike. His price is better than anyone else.

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