best pipe for 426?

I missed the MXA test on pipes for the 426. Does anyone remember the results? Any recommendations? I always had great success with PC pipes on my 2-strokes but I can't even FIND a picture or review of PC's pipes for the 426!


the last test i read showed the stock pipe to make more power than any tested! i think it was in dirt rider, unless you just want to look cool for about $500 do something else

thanks for the info Matt......FMF and others post their dyno charts on their websites, but I wanted to hear from people who changed exhausts and see if they saw a difference. One other advantage of an aftermarket system is oil filter takes half a day to change the freakin' oil!


I went with the White Bros titanium Hi-boy head pipe and carbon fiber silencer combo. The power gain right from idle and up into the mid range is excellent. There is a slight sacrifice on top but that's fine with me since I don't like hitting the limiter. I find the power now is much easier to manage especially coming out of tight corners where there is a short run to a double jump.This head pipe allows easy oil filter access. I forget which magazine did the pipe tests, but they had omitted this combo....I think because it wasn't available at the time. They had a short addendum on it in a later issue and gave it an A- rating. I prefer it much more over stock. As far as the cost, yes, it isn't cheap, but for me personally, my bike is my only vice....don't drink, smoke, gamble, do drugs, chase women, etc., so I spend my mad money on trying to improve the machine.

I read every article I could find - the most comprehensive of which was in Dirt Rider. The term "comprehensive" could be interchanged with confusing (to some extent). With no real power gains to be had, I was looking for significant weight savings and access to the oil filter cover.

I decided on changing my 2000 headpipe to a 2001 headpipe - there is very very little difference in the pipe - Yamaha "ooched" it up appx. 10-15 mm to allow access to the oil filter cover (bolt). The power should be the same. The factory pipe is stainless (strong) AND it has a full shield - maybe only one of the aftermarket pipes do. I read where sevral guys have burned up leathers on non-shielded pipes. The factory pipe is on-par with the aftermarket pipes in terms of cost.

Weight savings - I don't think there is an aftermarket combo that is lighter to the extent that I will notice the difference in turning, and while in the air/landing. So, I basically set aside this requirement - especially when I discover the non-shielded design and higher costs of the aftermarket stuff.

Now all I have to do is wait for the dealers to get the 2001 fish - I will need to confirm that the MUFFLERS are the SAME part number - this will confirm that the head-pipe will connect at the same location. Also, I will need confirm that the radiator spigots/hoses are unchanged - which will take some more work as well. maybe someone at a Westcoast dealership can confirm this - I'm in Cincy, OH - so the dealers are a little behind in getting the updated supports. lateesthere

Has anyone else out there had the same brainstorm?


I switched to a White Bros e-series Pro Meg w/discs because I wanted USFS spark arrestor. Still running stock head pipe. The motor takes a load at lower RPM than stock w/ general improvement in low end, seems to have given up a little in the mid - don't know about the top!!


The Dirt Bike test seemed to favor the Yosh and DSP with the PC a close second. The Dirt Rider test loved the SuperTrapp with the White Bro.s E series a close second. I thought this was strange because Dirt Bike totally panned the SuperTrapp for its power and fit/finish.

I went with the PC after reading the Dirt Bike test. After reading the Dirt Rider test I wished I’d got the White Bro.s. My advice now would be to buy a S/A insert (if you need one) and get the ’01 head pipe when its available.

The PC does change the power band around a noticeable amount. The low and midrange is better and smoother. The silencer has a removable S/A insert, the fit and finish is great (no header to silencer gasket to wear out). I did melt some pants so I wrapped the header with exhaust wrap, I’ve had to re-wrap once, brush and rocks tend to wear it out. This extra chore probably almost offsets the easier filter access.

Hey Man,

I'm not sure where everybody else got their information, but I'm a research nut when it comes to something like this, & I hate to spend money on something that's not gonna do anything for me. Having said that, I'm running the White Bros. E-Series,S-Bend, with tapered headpipe. I'm using 12 disks, and the fender (exhaust)shield. I went one notch richer on all three jets, & 2.25 turns out on the mixture screw. I'm using the White Bros. Power filter as well. All in all the gains are significant and measurable, as my best friend & I got our bikes on the same day. He went with the DSP unit. Poor move for an intermediate rider. White Bros. E-Series! Don't expect to save any weight though.


I run a FMF Powercore 4^2 with Spark Arrestor. My riding buddy has the E-series. I don't think there is a significant difference in Hp but there is a sizable difference in noise. My FMF is quite a bit quiter. I really like the fit and finish.

One HUGE difference is in the use of the asbestos gasket between the header pipe and the can. The E-series uses one and it gets buggered up after a couple oil changes. The FMF does not use one and it is the way to go. FMF supplies a really nice clamp and the fit over the stock head pipe is perfect.

If I had to choose again I would choose the FMF once again. It's actually cheaper as well.

ROOSTN in Denver

thanks to everyone who replied....still no decision but I've got a bit more info!


Give me a call if you get a chance.






'98 YZ400F

'01 YZ250F

'98 CBR600F3

Frank Hoppen has an eye for women, I dare say. MX groupies! How come there's none where I ride?

I went for the Pro Circuit pipe and liked it !

Nice fit and great power-band, but the best part is the sound !!!!

Here in Sweden it is o.k to dismount the spark arrestor and that helped a lot......

Lte ém all hear You !!!!!

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