what radiators will fit yz400f?

I was out for a blast in the local forestry on the weekend after we'd had a bit of a storm and came across a tree on the trail. I was going a bit to quick to get around it so i layed it over and did a bit of damage. I busted the clutch assembly, bent the handle bars and barkbuster, ripped off the left radiator and dented the right. I can fix most of it but dont have the cash for new radiators. The left has a 4 inch split up the cooling fans and a split to the bottom tank bit. The right is just squashed in about an inch like its been hit directly in the side. I tried the wreckers but they dont have any. What are my options? All help is much appreciated.

look on ebay maybe. Sucks trying to find parts here in Aus hey

I know that the 98-99 WR400 rads will fit on it as well. There was one on eBay yesterday.

Yeah it does suck trying to get parts here. The wait is the killer for international postage. Can I upgrade to 426 Radiators? Is there much difference? Or do any other models fit?

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