2008 YZ450F Exhaust on a '08 WR 450?

I tried the Lexx MXe from rocky mountain and had significant gains. The pipe is tuneable for whatever suits ur needs.

Just put a 2007 yz450 silencer on my 2007Wr450, I went a bit richer on the main and out a half turn on the fuel screw. WOW I love the change!!

Bump, I'm making a frankenbuild and just wanted to put up some info here to, my Swedish stock muffler had a catalytic converter in the back end.

I'm making a full yz conversion but I want the full length muffler with chambers for a quiet ride.

I'm drilling holes accordingly, to have the same flow area between chambers. There's a lot of drilling because the area of the yz pipe is about 1500mm³




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