Starting on the Firt kick..possible?

Ive had a 426 for awile and of course love it. I used to be a CR250 only guy and this awsome bike transformed me into a Yz426 guy.

Anyhow, I have only raced it so far in motocross(Vet expert)and cant say enough good about it.

I am also very into racing cross country events here in Northern Cal. I have been reluctant to race it so far until I get the hat start up on the bars.

Usually we have dead engine starts either Lemons or stradle the front wheel and Im wondering if anyone has the secret to a first kick start.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. I cant wait to unleash the beast on my fellow competitors. Thanks

For a dead engine start, dont get the bike to warm. They are not like a 2 stroke were they have to be fully warmed up. Make sure that you are at the top of the stroke and push the kick starter thru, dont jump on it or slap kick it, you have to push them thru. If you want to start in gear, warm the bike up, before you kill it, put it in gear, kill the bike, but do not release the clutch, hold the clutch in until you start. That should do it.


I’d have to agree with webbrace, not too hot, not too cold. Or was that Goldilocks?

Anyway I’ve done this (dead-eng. start) twice successfully and attribute my good results almost entirely to living right (good fortune). Still, almost every two-stroke got the jump on me (but a YZF has the HP advantage to make up for that). It just takes a half tick longer for a YZF to get going. When I dead-eng. started on my KX I would drop the clutch almost at the same time I was stabbing the kick lever (with throttle held open also). This won't work on a YZF.

I also got the Davis hot start after my first race on the YZ. Finding that button is a real pain when you’re in a hurry and I’ve only gone a few races where I never stalled it (but I’m not very good and too stubborn to try a flywheel weight).

You should try some off-road events with your 426. People let you by more readily when they hear all that racket an impatient YZF makes…

Hope this helps!

Thanks so much. The idea of pulling the clutch in and holding it sounds like a thing to try. Once I get it started It will be tough to not dump the clucth like on my lod cr250.Especially with it being soooo grabby. Man the thing is on or off. Of course as you said the trick might be to not warm it up to much. This will keep things cool .

This is a great board.

Oh yea...I love sneaking up on an un suspecting rider in a fast section of a crosscountry and then flying past him like hes standing still. I cant wait do do this on the 426. I would think the sound would scare the crap out of the poor guy!!!hehehe

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