Fork Seal Help

Did it for the first time. I have never blown a fork seal but I did the other night on a ride out at Horsehead Springs (fun area). I know others may have gone through this experience and i just wonder what I am up against.

Any insight or comments are greatly appreciated. Primarily are there things to do to avoid it in the future?

Thanks in advance :)

Did it for the first time...

So you ALREADY installed the seals?

Do you want advice on how to save your seals (use Sealsavers and/or ensure your fork legs are perfectly parallel all the way down to the AXLE)??

Yup Seal savers Ditto That a must have Mod


No, I have not replaced them yet, just looking for some insight before the attempt this weekend. I like the article on cleaning and i will take a good look at it before I replace the seal.

What I meant on the "Did it for the first time", I have never blown a fork seal before. The bike is 11 months old, bought new and I would have never thought that I would have this problem. Couple of reasons, comparing to my old XR, I have never bottomed out on the front or rear, alot of times I did on the XR. Secondly, I have never touch the settings on the dampening or rebound on the Yamaha.

I did recently (ride previously) blow the front tube coming down on a rock and I have wondered if that was the start. Anyway, I have considered the Seal Savers, but unless you know what causes the seal to go out I am not sure if they help. (go ahead and comment here :))

Perfectly Parallel? Help me on this thought, I think I know where you are going, but since I just replace my front tube, I may have missed something.

Look forward tot he replies :D

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