Pirelli Tires on WR 450

Has anyone had experience with pirelli tires on the rear of a WR 450. I just put on a pirelli MT 44 110/100 18 on the rear and it looks like it is too narrow. The stock Dunflop I took off was the same size tire 110/100 it is a 1/4" or more wider. Is there major differences in tire sizes between manufactures? :)

I like the pirelli Mt 32 on the front it came as the same size as the stock tire. I don't get the rear tire being so much narrower. My concern is that it will spin to easily. Any suggestions or past experience's with this mt44 pirelli tire would be greatly appreciated.


I'm running an MT44 on the rear, I think it is a 120/100x18. It barely fits. Normally, tires will flatten out after a while as they wear and start to become a little wider. The MT44 is holding up pretty well and so far it is a toss up between it and a Michelin M12. I haven't tried it in the rocks yet so we'll see.

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