Best Aftermarket Plastic Fit/Quality?????

Hey everyone, I recently ordered One Industries Technoflex Graphics for my new Honda CRF450R.....I do not want to peel the factory graphics off a brand new bike, so i am going to buy new shrouds to mount the new graphics on.

On my older CR's i used UFO plastic and it always seemed to be good quality at a decent price.

I am curious if there are any better choices out there for plastics, such as Acerbis, Cyrca etc.

What company has the best Quality and best Fitting plastic for my Honda CRF?????

Thanks in advance,


I recently got a full set of plastics for my new to me '05 CRF... Acerbis complete kit in a box.... they fit like a glove.... despite what a couple reviews said online they fit every bit as good as the factory plastic.... my $.02

I've had better results with UFO and thats on many differnt bikes

Cycra is good. Made in the USA too.

X2 on cycra. A little more pricey, but good quality. A lot of guys have had fit issues with acerbis but I've yet to have a problem with them. Also a lot of the factory spacers are also included with the plaster where ufo uses the spacers from your current plastic. I've actually had good luck with polisport too. Pretty cheap as well.

Another vote for Cycra. Yes I have a contract with them, but I have been using their products for a while before submitting a resume for sponsorship.

I like the UFO plastic .....everything UFO that I have got works and looks great....

Cycra first, plus its made in the US, then UFO.

Yeah, Im gettin ready to change to all white plastics on my CRF450. Gonna go with Cycra as well.

I have used all the major brands and never had an issue with any of them. I tend to go with which ever one is the cheapest. I did just get my first piece of Cycra plastic and I would say it is a hair above the rest.

Last time I used the Polisport set. I am impressed, cheaper, fit and finish/color is great. Hold'n up too. I definitely buy it again.

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