Throttle Cable Problems & Cure

I have a 99 yz400 & a 00 yz426. I have had

t-cables fray quite often.

The problems appears to be the top cable adjuster. The work around is to make sure the

top addjuster is adjusted as far away fro the

cam as posible. Then take up the slack in the bottom cable.

The real fix is for Yamaha to redesign the

system or make some kind of nylon skid for the cable to slide on.



I noticed some fraying on mine when I replaced it due to crash induced damage at the other end. I just thought I had somehow bent the bracket that holds the adjuster (I’ve learned to always suspect error on my part over all other possibilities). So I bent it back until it was more in line with the cam so the cable would no longer rub.

I guess what you’re saying is that if you back out the top adjuster (which was where mine was fraying also) you create additional clearance so the cable won’t rub its housing? That makes sense. But you might try tweaking that tab a little to bring the housing in line with the cam, I’ve got quite a few hours on my cable with no visible wear or fraying (unlike the original which was pretty frayed after maybe 15 hours). I think mine ended up backed out quite a bit so that is also helping things. Frayed and broken cables do seem to be a common problem…

Thanks for the tip Zack.


What did you pay for the T-2 cables



hey doug i think they retail for about 30 bux




Keep your stick on the ice!

Hey guys, check out Ty Davis racing. When I talked to him about his Ty Tank for the 426 he mentioned the cable fraying problem (i.e. I should check mine just in case) and said he had a new cam/wrapper piece that stopped the fraying problem.

Sounds cool.

Whats the web site ?



Keep your stick on the ice!

Mine frayed as well, both down by the carb and up at the throttle tube. Not enough to cause problems, but it was something that needed to be looked at.

I check pricing on the factory unit. It was $38. Each cable is not sold individually.

So I purchased the Motion Pro for about $27, but the pull cable was about 1 inch shorter than factory, so I was never able to install it.


I have a 2001' YZ426 i got 2 days ago and only have 1 hour on it due to the massive amount of rain in Houston this weekend! Is it the top cables at the grip or down by the carb that are fraying oftenly? I doubt yamaha fixed this for 2001' so any comments would be great...I'm already in debt up to my ears and I cant be spending 50 bucks on cables lol! Thanks for yalls help!



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

From these posts, I will definitely add cable maintenance to my list of things to do after a race and/or practice. Looks like a good idea to remove that black plastic cover on the carb to clean and lube the cable cam and guide. Here's a little hint for you guys who want to make sure all the necessary maintenance is getting done. I took a sheet of notebook paper and started a list of routine maintenance that needs to be done regularly and keep it near my workbench. As I find more that needs to be done, I just add it. After every ride, I scan my list and do each one that needs to be done at the time. Can't say "I forgot" anymore. Also, I made a list of everything I need to bring with me everytime I ride and keep that in the console of my truck. Just before I pull out of the driveway, I check the list to see if everything is loaded. I hate getting to my track and suddenly realize I've forgotten the gas can....or my tool box.

I have a 2000 426 I replaced the whole throttle assembly with an after market aluminum one and have had no problems at all. I also replaced my frontbrake resovoir and everything down the th caliper with a ktm one and that improved the feel and front brakes

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