SoCalWR426 are you still here?

Tp3dxf was just wondering if SoCalWR426 is still on the board? If so let me know.

Yep! I'm still here, Mostly lurk around TT now day's as it seems all the cool discoveries are, well discovered.. Don't get near enough saddle time as I'm working 50+ hrs a week, between that and very few people up for weekday rides :D I'm just not getting out near enough. If you or any other TT'ers want to ride (specialy during the week) let me know, I'm ready :)


I recently transferred to a new position. I now work rotating 12 hour shifts. The shifts are long but the upside is I only work 14 days a month and every fifth week I get seven days off in a row. I also moved to Simi Valley needed to get closer to work. I have been starting to try to find some guys im my area that can ride during the week. Sounds like we maybe able to hook up sometime. Next time you ride let me know. I'll do the same.


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