WR 450 First Ride Impressions

So, I picked up a barely used 2003 WR 450 from a friend of mine that just wanted it out of the garage. Super clean and low hours for $1,300. Added an Acerbis tank and a BRP sub mount, and it's ready to ride. Took it for it's maiden voyage this weekend, and here are my thoughts:

The Good:

Bike has tons of low end torque. Tractored up anything I pointed it at.

Really didn't feel the extra weight while riding. The bike was surprisingly flickable. Only time I felt the weight was when I had to pick it up. Felt fine

in the rocky technical canyons.

Bike turned great. Again, another surprise. I did raise the forks about 7mm. I forgot how easy it is to turn the big 4 strokes with a twist of the throttle and using the rear wheel.

I really liked the ergonomics. Bike feels thin and bar position was good. I installed a BRP sub mount.

Suspension felt good in the little rocks.

The Bad:

Suspension is way too soft. I was using ALL of the travel. I need to respring it. I'm 210 without gear.

Bike deflected in the bigger rocks. I need to play with the fork rebound. Could also be a function of the too soft springs.

Seat is a brick.

Overall, I really liked the bike. Just for comparison, my last few bikes have either been small bore thumpers or 2 strokes. I have the 04 starter torque gear parts on order to do the upgrade.

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