removal of shift lever?

How do you remove the shift lever on a 2009 yz450f? I looked in the owners manual and it didnt say how. I dont get how you get the bolt out. What tool do you need to remove it. Thanks

should just need a 10mm wrench or ratchet and swivel socket

I think it's 8mm and once you have it loose you have to let the bolt drop down because the shift shaft has a grove cut into it. If you don't let the bolt drop the shifter won't come off. An 8mm ratcheting box wrench works great.

should just need a 10mm wrench or ratchet and swivel socket

x2. Sometimes a screwdriver to pry it open just a tiny bit helps get it to slide off too. You may have to find a way to hold the shift lever up or down as you remove the bolt to get better access to it.

might be an 8mm, mine has a 10 in it cause I lost the old one.

It's an 8mm hex originally, M6x1.0 thread. Nothing special about it, except as Mike noted, there is a waist cut into the shaft, so the bolt must be completely removed for the lever to slide off. It is often helpful to insert a screwdriver into the slot in the lever and open it slightly.

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