Fuel leaking from overflow hose?

I took my 09 yz450f out of the garage today to start it up and when I turned the fuel valve to the on position it started to leak gas from the overflow hose. What is wrong? Is it an easy fix? Its been sitting in my garage for a couple of weeks. I started it up and ran the float bowl dry but its still leaking when i turn the fuel valve to the on position. Please help. Thanks

i just tried it again and it doesnt leak anymore. i have no idea what the problem was.

Just crap in the carb not letting the needle valve shut most likely. Might not hurt to give the carb a quick cleaning (if there is such a thing as a quick carb cleaning on an 06-09 YZF).

Put some SeaFoam in your gas. Its a good cleaner and stabilizer

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