2008 yz450f fork seals

Keep blowing seals after 3-5 rides. I have check the tubes for nicks or scratch's. Very careful when installing new seals. Any help, thanks

What kind of seals are you using?

I learned that when you re-install a front wheel that you should put the axle through and spin the wheel and jam on front brakes a few times without the pinch bolts tightened. then tighten the pinch bolts to spec and spin the front wheel and jam on the brakes a few times. I was told that this helps seat the front wheel and prevent the forks from being angled in towards the wheel (which could cause premature leaking fork seals). Not sure if that makes sense, but I know they also mention a similar procedure to that in the manual.

- After putting the axle on and tightening the pinch bolts on the side with the nut, hold the front brake tight and compress the forks a couple times as best you can. This will help ensure the fork tubes are properly aligned/spaced on the axle. Then tighten the pinch bolts on the other side.

- After washing the bike, wipe the fork tubes dry to prevent water spots. Hard water spots could be abrasive to the seals.

Thanks for all the help! This time I have done the pinch bolts and worked the forks up & down. I will make sure to wipe off water spots after washing. I've been using Tusk fork seals. I will post update after a couple rides. Thanks again for the help!

I've been using Tusk fork seals.
Pop down to the Kawasaki shop and pick up a pair of seals for an '09 KXF450. These are the latest from KYB, and are the same ones Dave Johnson at SMART Performance has been selling for some time now. They work.

The point made regarding dried mud and water spots are also important, as is keeping the gap between the dust seal and oil seal cleaned and greased.

Or you can try and put neoprene fork skins that keep the dirt away from your seals...

I'm having similiar problems on my '06 - had my local shop install a rebuild kit and 3 - 5 rides later I'm still leaking like crazy. I'm always careful to avoid the seals while pressure washing and everything gets wiped down meticulously after each ride. Sounds like I definitely need to check to make sure the front forks are properly angled with the technique described...

You need to be releasing any pressure from from cool extended forks before you ride too.

will the 09 kxf 450 seals work on an 07 yzf 450?

Yes, they will.

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